Portable Handheld Mini Sewing Machine


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The power of a big machine is now literarily in your hands. Got a tear on your favorite dress and stopped wearing it because you don’t have time to get it repaired?

Are you wary of wearing that trouser with the gaping hole in the pocket because of the numerous items you’ve lost?

Well you can kiss those days goodbye with the Handy Stitch Portable Cordless Sewing Machine. With this baby, you can be up and ready in a matter of minutes.

This handy tool will allow you to sew, mend and work on any project on the go.

Now you can mend your curtains without having to take them off the rod, hem-up a skirt while you’re wearing it or stitch up a torn pocket without taking off your pants.

Perfect for tricky positions that conventional machines cannot do. This sleek handheld battery-operated handheld sewing machine is compact, convenient, and fits in the palm of your hand.

Small enough to be stowed away in any drawer, it can out-perform any conventional desktop sewing machine. Even beginners can stitch like experts with ease.

Sized at just 20 X 7.5 X 5 cm. it even sews through hard Denim and is also gentle on your delicates.

This unassuming device has a lot to offer: it precisely controls stitching with the rotary wheel adjustment.

it is equipped with tension control to adjust the tightness of stitches, the fastening plate holds the fabric while stitching; allowing you to be more efficient.

Easy to use: all you need do is press the button and guide the cloth like you would in a regular machine. ready to use now: comes pre-threaded.

It is great for traveling as it is compact and lightweight, it can be battery operated to make it absolutely portable or you can use it with a Power Adaptor (the required 4 x AA batteries or DC6V Power

An adaptor is not included).

perfect for beginners, great for students, handy while on vacation and it Comes with a Sewing Kit containing 6, no 8 extra thread rolls1x thimble1x pair of scissors1x 60 inch/150 cm tape rule,

additional needle threaders and lots more.so you’re fully equipped to handle any sewing challenge or fashion emergencies that come your way.


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