Embroidery Punch Needle ,Embroidery Pen


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About this item

  • Perfect tool: Beautiful tool kit for embroidery lovers or beginners, you can sew any pattern you like, have a relaxing and fun time at embroidery time, perfect for handcrafting.
  • 3 needles
  • Quality material: This one uses materials of plastic and silicone and metal to reduce the friction between the needle and the fabric
  • Comfortable handle: save labor, not easy to fall off, can be safe, easy to operate, very suitable for patch or small detail work .
  • Widely used: Embroidery pens are great tools for sewing, handwork and embroidery work, as well as embroidering ribbons. Beautiful drill needle embroidery kits include most of the things needed to make embroidery handwork .
  • Widely used: Embroidery pens can be used to make detailed works of art, such as: lace, loop line, clothing, enclosure bottom, table path, curtains, pillowcases, templates, pockets, towels, cloaks, etc.


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