Actuivity Book 64 PCS With 2 Pens and Eraser ( Made in China)


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Kids Educational Learning Tracing Book 64 Pages
With this exercise book, you will playfully support your child’s graphomotor skills and prepare them for writing letters and numbers. Particularly suitable for ages 2-6 during kindergarten, pre-school, for school starters and the first years of school.
2.In the book, concentration line tracing exercise pages alternate with coloring pages. Carefully designed picture illustrations invites you to trace the lines of the figures.
3.Lines and shapes for beginners:Simple and short exercises ensure early successes and recognition of directions, forms and lines along with first experiences of hand-eye co-ordination.
Turns and arches for the advanced: Loops, hooks, and changes of direction improve the child’s feel for holding and guiding the pen correctly.
5.Symbols and pictures:Drawing first simple pictures and figures is fun, strengthens your child’s self-confidence and also develops imagination. It unconsciously supports a feeling for mathematical figures, signs, and symmetries.



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